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One of the most important of these aspects are defining the knowledge areas that the entire team as well as the manager on a personal level need to be completely aware of in order to move forward with the implementation of a new electronic ticketing system Project Management Institute, Project Cost Management, 5. Project Scope Management, 3. help for writing ux There are many aspects that Project Managers PMs need to keep in mind in this first stage in order to define clear goals and objectives.

Initiating a completely new idea within a company structure can pose its own share of risks but in this case, the advantage was that the idea of electronic ticketing has already been practically tested and is proving to be more feasible in the aviation industry with the passage of time. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! The first knowledge area, as the name suggests, involves the proper incorporation of a new program within an already established business structure.

The use of e-ticketing has become so popular and feasible that it has now become a mandatory for all IATA members from June Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. How to cite this page Choose cite format:

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Second module helps him to reserve a ticket. However, the opposite also stands true, a great idea could be very poorly executed and fail if the communication between the entities involved is not lucid and at the level that it needs to be. Online ticketing thesis The second stage is directly related to the first stage. This paper will look at all the possible project management angles that will need to work efficiently in order to successfully establish the electronic ticketing system within the Efficient Airline company as well as justify this move by explaining the phenomenon of Electronic Ticketing, the potential changes in the structure that might occur with its implementation as well as recommend the appropriate risk management plan that could be adopted with the integration of the new system. According to the guidelines given in the book "A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge," there are five primary aspects that any and every project manager must keep in mind for efficiency and success Project Management Institute,

The first knowledge area, as the name suggests, involves the proper incorporation of a new program within an already established business structure. Airline Industry Over the past decade the airline industry has experienced a great deal of turmoil as a result in decreases in the demand for flying. Online ticketing thesis The implementation of the specific system requires solutions to a number of problems. Furthermore, strategies need to be developed that will help everyone, from the stakeholders, to the employees, to the clients, understand the functioning and utilization of the new process in the system. Statement of the Problem.

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Usually time management is associated with the completion of the project and then associated with the cost management in terms of how much financial costs are cut back due to the new technology or how much profit is made because of its integration. This will serve to the proponents as a challenge to do a better system. paper writer service disable Online ticketing system will not only provide accurate information and fast process of online transaction but it will secure data through security implementation and accordingly arrange files provided by a well-designed database that will produce a errorless environment.

To Travelling Agents and Personnel of St. Over the past two… Pages: Quality assurance is one of the guarantees that stakeholders and clients expect from their service providers and if the new project does not guarantee an enhanced level of quality with its integration then the chances of its adoption decrease significantly. help on write a paper step by step Email Us Listen to our radio ad! Best in the business since !

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Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. In order to finish the study, the researchers used several methods tools that are most suitable to the sources of the data needed. Online ticketing thesis This will serve as a fresh ground for the researcher whose study will be related in the field of Information Technology.

Scope Our project is to make online ticketing for traveling company to manage data, so that all the transactions become fast and there should not be any error in transaction like calculation mistake, bill generation and other things. The preparation is assisted by the organization involved in the ticket management thus supporting the consideration of real problems during the creation of the theoretical model. Online ticketing thesis The implementation of the specific system requires solutions to a number of problems. How about make it original?

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