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In particular you should consider: Mercutio is portrayed as a clown, washing and playing in the fountains at the scene. This is often a good way of building suspense in films as the rising sequence shows there will be a climax and very rarely amounts to nothing.

This is an interesting idea, probably lifted from Zeffirelli by Luhrmann when he made his later film. At the end of this particular scene the same piece of music fully modulates into a minor key, which by definition is darker sounding and less romantic, fitting with the images of Tybalt as a contrast to the earlier, romantic section of the scene. essay writing service cheap for college This is almost saying they are not as serious, as used in the example of present day football hooliganism.

The representation of characters is a signifgant role in the film. They represent light and fire — love is often seen as the light but is also a fiery emotion that can cause much destruction, so these are a good example of one of the two primary themes in this scene. buy a essay on independence day in hindi wikipedia Then they start laughing again.

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In particular you should consider: Each of these themes has cultural relevance today. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email.

As Romeo kills Tybalt a picture of Juliet flashes into his mind, where the audience realise that his loyalty for one person has got in the way of his loyalty to the other. Zeffirelli adds these lines effectively as they continue the less dramatic feel to the scene. Romeo and juliet essay help baz luhrmann soundtrack Romeo and Juliet also first see each other through a fish tank and are filmed through the glass with tropical fish swimming into view. This is slightly mysterious yet very modern. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot!

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The characters are rather boringly dressed as complete stereotypes of their personalities, Juliet as an angel in white, Romeo as a knight in armour and Tybalt as a devil in red. Sound effects play more of a part in this scene than music, as the weather is a major factor involved. best essay writing service news It is seen as purifying and good, like love, yet can also be destructive in the form of natural disasters. The dance sequence is very elaborate and full of colour.

Lord Capulet is dressed as Julius Caesar because he is in charge and shows that he has power. The pace of the film varies, the love scenes are slow, which gives you an idea of intimacy compared to the fast moving action scenes, which raise your adrenalin and make the film more exciting. help with thesis statement tagalog ng This is a very modern technique, fitting with the context. It is the current technology to receive information. At one point during the scene Mercutio makes a joke and Tybalt laughs with the rest of the crowd.

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While this is not a major difference on the Shakespearean stage — the scenery on the inside roof would simply be changed to stars and moons as opposed to the sun — it outlines quite a contrast between the two films. This is a very modern technique, fitting with the context. Romeo and juliet essay help baz luhrmann soundtrack This is perhaps because the elements of humanity are recognised as love and hate, which are the two main themes of the entire play and so Luhrmann wants to reflect this in visual metaphor. Today the language is seen as weird to a young audience, but through the transformation into film better understanding is gained through film techniques and the visual aspects such a more modern setting. This shows how Luhrmann has controversially mixed modern and older aspects in often quite random ways.

The music used is in the typical English Renaissance court style, with pipes and lutes as the main instruments. Shakespeare uses a classical orchestra. Romeo and juliet essay help baz luhrmann soundtrack This is why Zeffirelli made the better Shakespeare film and Luhrmann the better Hollywood box office hit. It is the current technology to receive information. While the contexts and dialogue can be changed considerably, these.

The audience can understand the story better with dramatic imagery used in the prologue, because Luhrmann has transformed it so that a modern audience will understand it. On the other hand, the Montagues drive up in a yellow convertible car all wearing bright colored Hawaiian shirts. Romeo and juliet essay help baz luhrmann soundtrack Towards the end of the scene, however, when Romeo and Tybalt are fighting, the crowd get quieter as they realise the seriousness of the situation. However, for some people Luhrmann pushed the accepted boundaries for Shakespeare slightly too far and tried to disguise it with special effects. Another way in which Luhrmann interprets this scene as his own is through the art of visual metaphor, for example props, costume and depictions of the natural elements.

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