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Even the Bride admits under the effects of a truth serum that she enjoys tearing her enemies limb from limb, but when she was a professional assassin her main interest was the money she got paid for it, not the killing in itself. Indeed, in one episode, he's referred to as "the killer" by Deep Throat. writer for hire witcher 3 mont crane castle When she does, then she fits this trope like a hand in a glove.

This is somewhat tempered by the fact that she killed said fathers by poisoning and back-stabbing, respectively, and she's telling this to her the favorite half-sister while beating her half to death. But I blew up more than the other Invaders! Psyko from the Sleepwalker comics lived up to his name. me as a writing essays jobs uk She numbers her Jedi kills and became obsessed with Obi-Wan, to the point of first keeping him prisoner in what looked almost like a gimp mask to stop his powers, then continually hunting him whenever he was near. He even says to Christopher that he loves watching them die.

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While Word of God is that some of his sadism is just an act, it's still clear that he doesn't care about anything but killing Covenant. In contrast to Zarbon, who's more of a Punch-Clock Villain , Dodoria is openly sadistic, cruel, and almost as bloodthirsty as Frieza himself. He becomes a more classic example, or so it's implied, after the very government that claims vigilantes are dangerous hires him as a political assassin.

Johnny Cash plays one of these a mad, guitar-playing hitman in Five Minutes to Live. He comes from a world where there are no passions, no-one desires or fears anything, and death is just an irrelevant abstraction. Hedorah is primarily lured into service by the opportunity to cause destruction, which it also feeds on. She would be a Sociopathic Hero if it weren't for what the main characters do for a living Fisk and Osborn are forced to rely on Spider-Man to deal with him — and that's just in his first two episodes.

She also enjoys harming those close to her as well. The Big Bad often has contempt for them for precisely this reason. Reach , blatantly pointed out with the skull carved into his visor.

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Deep Space Nine novel Siege featured an evil shapeshifter Meta. From Warbreaker Tonk Fah. need essay writing tamil language Kroot kindreds, when they're not fighting for the Tau Empire , roam the galaxy looking for mercenary work.

The Toussaint which once forced me to run will now repay me in full. The all but canonical alignment for these characters are Neutral Evil ; Chaotic Evil characters of this type usually go "freelance" ; and Lawful Evil is typically more professional. college essay services meaningful experience Chris Flannerly of Underbelly was certifiably off his rocker. Protoman from Ruby-Spears's Mega Man.

Creators of Slaanesh who are of a martial bent also fall squarely into this trope and usually supplement it with playing the Mad Artist in their spare time as well because the only missing ingredient for their eternal youth is entertainment. On the pro-side, you could say they love their job. online thesis writing oxford university However, he has not worked under anyone since Tekken 3 , fighting on behalf of his "creator", Dr. Tsukiyomi of Mahou Sensei Negima! Heather Marie Tooms of the sequel Get Blank is another example.

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When he got hired by the Shutedonian army, he also takes that job happily since it involves killing, and doesn't mind letting out Evil Laughs often. I got everything I wanted from you long ago. It's rather tragic one:

But that is not the worst. Greed aside, he enjoys too much of his job. Today I was smeared by an insult which only blood can wipe clean.

When he got hired by the Shutedonian army, he also takes that job happily since it involves killing, and doesn't mind letting out Evil Laughs often. Their latest job, before being hired to massacre Door's family, was destroying a monastery and killing everyone within. He does not hesitate to kill and has no excuses for what he does. Initially they work for Tywin Lannister before defecting to Roose Bolton for a better offer. However, the mute, fire-controlling Scorcher refuses to go back on the deal, simply burning up anything Ice King offers him in an attempt to dissuade him.

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